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Like how there are two different color themes on each side of the room yet the furniture idea is the same.

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"To heal a wound you need to stop touching it." Leave it alone, I get it but some wounds are open because they were never addressed corectly. like when a scar forms, there will always be a reminder of what happened and to teach what not to do again.

Bucket List . . .

I would totally do some of this stuff! i'm doing he concert thing with One Direction

Pluto by ~DrSchmitty on deviantART

Pluto I trained under the Disney Design Group to learn to draw the Disney characters accurately and on-model. I also taught these characters in drawing classes in the Disney parks.

trutlh. you are my biggest regret and I am angered that you tricked me into believing there could be an "us".

I'm sorry I mistook all our laughs, long nights, sweet texts and jokes as you caring. I'll think twice before I waste my time again. I don't want to make the same mistake again, cause you made it real hard for me to move on.

How I feel about my ex. He told my kids that he "needs to come over an set me straight" on why I seem to hate him so much. All I aid that was he could keep whatever he had left of mine. I wasn't ever going to ask him for it.

I refuse to be subjected to your mind games and lies. I will not play a part in your constant drama. You will not manipulate me, nor will you control me. Frankly, you can just fuck off.

I'm in love with you...

You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you, and you never treat yourself right, darlin, but I want you to! If I let you know I'm here for you, maybe you'll love yourself like I love you!