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White & Brown round farmhouse dining table
Perennials provide long-lasting garden beauty. To get the best performance and value from these landscape stalwarts, the simple task of plant division serves many purposes. Learn more about the plant health, garden design, and budget-boosting benefits of dividing perennials – read more now on Gardener’s Path.
This is a guide about toilet paper tube seedling pots. A great way to recycle toilet paper tubes is to use them as containers to start vegetable and flower seeds for garden plants.
Follow this rule when building pots... It really makes my pots look awesome.
Organized Linen Closet - Organized Linen Closet  - Linen closets are not just for linens! They store cleaning supplies, paper products, medications, toiletries, home maintenance items… the list goes on and on and varies from home to home. So how does one make the most of a single closet that must function so big and work so hard?
Adding the house with the stylish wood pallet table along feature of storage in it is the utmost demand of the house owners. Majority of the wood pallet tables do not involve the service of the storage in it. But you can take the advantage of the storage portion for storing important accessories.
repurposed pallet table with storage
DIY Succulent Turtle Tutorial-Video
DIY Dresser drawer Bathroom Shelf Instruction - Practical Ways to Recycle Old Drawers for Home
Refresh a vintage bookcase with fabric (like this squid fabric from Spoonflower)....complete photo tutorial