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people swimming in the blue lagoon at wading hole, near las cruces national park
Papafragas Beach, Milos Island - Greece
people are swimming in the clear blue water near some steps leading to an iron gate
Would love to be walking down these stairs in Ithaca island, #Greece.
several people in a boat on the water
The Most Amazing Places on Earth
The Magnificent Lake in Melissani Cave, Greece
several people are swimming in the water near some rocks
bucket list
an aerial view of a water slide in the ocean
Slide into the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily, Italy.
an old building on top of a cliff surrounded by trees
an aerial view of a small town on the water's edge with boats in it
the sun sets over an island with white buildings and blue domes
nature / Santorini, Greece on imgfave
the full moon is setting over an ocean with white buildings and crosses on it's roof
an image of a church on the water at sunset
a potted plant sitting in front of a red building with an arched door and window
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by white stucco and blue water at dusk with the sea in the background
there is a table with food on it next to the ocean
#greece | photographs and memories
an outdoor swimming pool with chaise lounge chairs and umbrellas next to it, overlooking the ocean
Security Check Required
Canaves Oia Hotel - Santorini, Greece