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From Te Papa - Matariki Education Resource - This unit of work aims to raise your students’ awareness of Matariki, a significant festival that is celebrated throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. It is designed for both Early Childhood and Primary learners, and has cross curricular links with the 5 strands of Te Whāriki, as well as Social Sciences, Science, Literacy, and Learning Languages areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.

MAORI CREATION STORY: Indigenous artist, Marcus Winter, tells the Māori creation story using Sand Art. In the Māori worldview, the world began with the violent separation of Ranginui, the Sky Father, and Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother, by their children, including Tūmatauenga (similar to Kū), Tāne (Kāne), Rongo (Lono, god of cultivated food), and Tangaroa (Kanaloa, the god of the sea).