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a blue and white business card sitting on top of a wall
pindó - studio 262
identidade visual
an advertisement for the roof top hotel party with orange circles on grey paper and black background
M JOYCE: Photo
an advertisement for a furniture store with a chair on the floor and text that reads, magis warnly invests you to this year's stockholm furniture
First collaboration with Italian Icon Magis
Modern, midcentury inspired poster design.
a woman standing in front of a field with the words petrichor on it
Koi No Yokan Definition Prints, Japanese Definition Wall Art, Love Definition, Minimalist, Modern, Definition Poster Inspirational Art Decor - Nell Oa. #graphicdesign Luke Brickett - Poster & Print. - #Brickett #Luke #poster #Print - #Brickett #Luke #Poster #print
an open book with pictures on the pages
three notebooks sitting next to each other on top of a gray surface with orange and blue covers
Showcase: Clase Design Studio
Stationery design
a pink and green book with white writing on the cover is open to reveal an information booklet
Franz West: Man with a Ball
Franz West: Man with a Ball
a stack of notebooks sitting next to each other on top of a white table
Belle idée de reliure + belle agencement kraf + couleurs
an open notebook sitting on top of a table
Punktum on Behance
three different colored tablets sitting on top of each other
Take Take Take Book Edition
Pocket Book Edition – Short Stories – Published by Take Take Take studio, based in Prague, Czech Republic
a cardboard box with four folders in it and the word on top is white
Sea Design produce a series of stunning books for the irrepressible Monotype
Monotype: one of a kind. tylish series of 12 books, each focussing on a unique type specimen and its varied use
two white envelopes sitting next to each other
kasper-florio interview
kasper-florio - designboom | architecture & design magazine
an advertisement for the band b o d with black and white photos on it's side
qualitegraphiquegarantie: BOLD — posters overprinted with black...
black and white photograph of scissors in different positions