Shotover River, Queenstown | New Zealand

Shotover River, Queenstown New Zealand This is often labeled as Fairy Pools in Scotland. It is usually photoshopped with purple foliage.

NZ Map

Aotearoa - Kiwiana Map: Born and raised in between L&P and Waka, but my bones are from 'Godzone' 'Feijoa' and 'Chilly Bin'.

Raglan, New Zealand

The Toetoe (four species in Cortadenia genus) is native to New Zealand and commonly misspelled as Toi toi. Photo: Geraldine Burns - Raglan, New Zealand. Misspelled as that is how you pronounce it, toy toy, not 👣toe toe.

The Edmonds Cookbook

The Edmonds Cookbook - My Baking Bible .I have several collected over the years, one pre- metric! Sherry - thanks for sharing these, I much appreciate adding some of yours to my collection.

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Mount Victoria Wellington, New Zealand

Top Things to do in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington New Zealand Guide / Information. Brief encyclopedia article on Wellington New Zealand, links directory and search

Amazing Castlepoint, New Zealand

Castlepoint, Wairarapa coast of the Wellington Region of New Zealand north island



Una tarde así supera todo...

Teatro alla Scala - La Scala Opera House Piazza Scala Milan La Scala Opera house in Milan, Italy opened in 1778 and has become the model of many opera

Explore Takabonerate - Atol Terbesar Ke3 Di Dunia October 31 - November 5, 2013 Selayar Link :

ThanksAtoll in Takabonerate (South Sulawesi) is the largest atoll in the world after atoll in Kwajifein (Marshall Islands) Suvadiva (Maldives) awesome pin