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a close up of a person laying on a bed with their head resting on the pillow
a close up of a woman with freckles on her face
a person's hand holding a yellow leaf
50 Oddly Satisfying Things To Soothe Our Perfectionist Souls
The Way The Veins Of The Leaf Align On The Creases Of The Hand
a close up of a person holding their hands to their face and covering her eyes
out and about
three people are holding coffee cups with the words, this is what life is all about
a person standing in the grass with their feet up and hands on each other's hips
a glass jar filled with white stuff sitting on top of a tile floor next to a stone wall
Dandelion Wishes to You
Sharon Lovejoy: Dandelion Wishes in a Jar... dandelion seed heads collected & kept in a jar, waiting until a sad child needs some love & encouragement. Such a sweet idea! (",)
two people sitting on a bench with cups of coffee
a room with a tent and books on the floor
two children are playing in the grass near some flowers and trees, while one child is holding an object up to his ear
two young children sleeping in the back seat of a car, with text overlaying them
a woman holding flowers in front of her face
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a person's feet with white socks underneath a wooden table and legs wearing blue jeans