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Products from the Hive

Bees are fascinating creatures and it's astounding how many products they make and how remarkable they are!
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Bee venom is known for it's anti-inflammatory affects and research suggests it may be helpful for arthritis suffers. And Bee venom creams and masks have become renowned for anti-aging properties and it's known as 'nature's botox'.


Royal Jelly, with it's special proteins, is responsible for giving the queen bee a long, long life plus an elegant and large body, which make her very fertile. They say royal jelly is the secret of eternal youth!


Bee propolis has been used for centuries for healing, it invigorates the immune system and is highly effective at fighting infection and viruses. It has proven remarkably successful again influenza viruses, when taken before the virus takes hold. But what is propolis and how it is made?

Honey is one of the oldest known sweeteners. It has been an essential part of our diet since earliest times and there is increased interest in its culinary and health properties. But what is honey? How is it made? How is it extracted from the hive? What is it good for?

As a bee moves from one flower to another it collects flakes of pollen and combines these with nectar, this is then moved to the pollen baskets on its back legs for storage, while it continues to collect. The remarkable thing is that bees start the pollination process without even realising t! Bee pollen is an incredible natural source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown that it has a nutritional composition that surpasses that of virtually any food eaten.

Beeswax is a remarkable by product of honey. Beeswax is made by the youngest honey bees in a colony, they are too young to forage for nectar. Beeswax is a very versatile product and is used to make candles, furniture polish, skin care, balms, soaps, earplugs, ear candles, crayons, food wraps, as an ingredient in sweets, a cover for cheeses and more.