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The 61 Most Awkward Moments In The History Of Dogs

When this dog tried to act like this piece of paper didn’t just embarrass him in public. The 61 Most Awkward Moments In The History Of Dogs

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Oh, so true...

Some people create their own storms, then get upset when it rains. Some people come to mind.

No-Bake Strawberry Chocolate Tart-2

No-Bake Strawberry Chocolate Tart recipe from - It is the easiest recipe you can get for such a decadent chocolaty dessert and it takes no more than 15 minutes to put together.


Go ahead, judge me.just remember to be perfect the rest of your life- wise little would be said in judgement if we remembered this.

Poor dog. lol

Cute dog stung by a bee. While I'm laughing, I can't help feeling sad for the poor doggy. LOL (This happened to one of our cats once. He got stung by a wasp, and his face swelled up. He didn't look nearly as cute as this little guy, though!

The ears always give them away!!

Boxer guiltocence: when you look guilty and innocent at the same time. I've seen this look before.


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how do you come up with this idea??

how is this animal abuse ppl! its just a dog with a cool/weird haircut! That dog reminds me of the Orange guy from monsters ink where they remove the hair on his.