Little Red Riding Hood

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a woman in a red dress is walking through the woods with her feet on the ground
Red Riding Hood -{Lisle, IL Children and Family Portrait Photographer}
little red
a woman wearing a red cloak in the woods
Fashion course.rar
Little Red Riding Hood
a woman in a white dress and red cape standing next to a tree with snow on the ground
Wordless Wednesday–Little Red Riding Hood
a woman in a red dress is sitting on the ground next to a man with long hair
The huntsman is founded later on in The Grimm's version of Red Riding Hood. He was considered a savior, either a father or husband figure. He is working in the woods when he hears strange snoring sounds coming from the elder lady's home. While inside he finds the wolf, cuts him open to reveal Red and her grandmother inside becoming the "savior."
a woman with blue eyes and red veil on her head is holding a wolf in front of her face
a woman with long hair and blue eyes wearing a red shawl over her head
Girl wrapped in red & wearing red lipstick
a woman in a red cape and white dress is walking through the woods with falling leaves
Red Riding Hood all grown up :)
a woman in a red cloak is walking through the snow with a wolf behind her
Deep Snow
a little red riding hoodie sitting in the grass next to a wolf
Sacha Blackburne Photography
Little Red Riding Hood
Red riding hood cape Cosplay, Hoodie, Lady In Red, Folk
Red riding hood cape
a woman sitting on top of a rock next to a white dog wearing a red cape
a woman dressed in white and red standing next to a dog on a dirt road
~~  Little Red Riding Hood        by Ann Emerald on deviantART Style, Eva
Little Red Riding Hood by ann-emerald on DeviantArt
~~ Little Red Riding Hood by Ann Emerald on deviantART
a woman dressed in red holding a lantern and posing for the camera with her hands
little red riding hood by Plamen Petkov / 500px
little red riding hood
Rotkäppchen Dark Fantasy, Fairy, Bad Wolf