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an image of some cartoon characters talking to each other
a room full of gold coins with caption that reads, this is what you have in your house has a room full of treasures actually lets you lot it
It's the little things. (Skyrim)
It's the little things. (Skyrim) - Imgur
the text is written in black and white
I think my favorite thing about the Dragon age 2 companions --
an image of a comic strip with the caption'what you know? '
Oghren! Because in peace time he might be insufferable, but look! we need to kill things!
four different pictures of the same person in armor
"Friendly" Banter Hawke, Fenris and Anders
a comic strip with two knights talking to each other
it's always darkest before the soul
Commander Awkward
many different types of video game characters with caption in the bottom right hand corner
the inner circle | dragon age: inquisition
"Mage rights or Mage fights" XD oh, Anders... Funny Games, Fandoms
Picture memes 8nYWfgaI3 by Scout_Harding_2015: 2 comments - iFunny :)
"Mage rights or Mage fights" XD oh, Anders...
a poem written in black and white with the words parent how are you going to make friends if you only ever play dragon age
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0 to 100 real quick
the tweet is being posted on twitter for someone to use it as an app
I LITERALLY SAID THIS TODAY WHILE PLAYING FEYN. "Uh no you weren't. The Hero of Fereldan and the King would like to point out they were ALONE. I see through you. Asshole."
an image of two people talking to each other with the caption that reads, i see
Bethany has the death glare
the text is written in black and white on a page with an orange border around it
I want this to happen
the text is written in black and white, which reads playing dragon age origins
Playing Dragon Age: Origins Sten: I killed that family. Me: 100000% innocent. Alistair: But, he confessed. Me: Morrigan: He wants to die. Me: We should save him. Sten: Leave me alone. Me: I'll save you. Everybody: He‘s a murderer. Sten: I'm a murderer. Me: I GOT THE KEY! - iFunny :)
Kanye would laugh at this
a comic strip with an image of two men in armor
Dragon Age II Logic
Dragon age!
a television screen with candles on it in front of a large sign that says ring of dy'even lyrn lyrfreaux
Do you even enchant, bro?