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Love having a clean home? Learn more here about how to simplify life with quick cleaning to have to cleanest house on the street!
Learn how to knit with circualr needles.
Follow this ultimate low-stress Spring cleaning checklist to clean your home like a pro this year! Get all the top tips and tricks for Spring cleaning. #springcleaning #springcleaningchecklist #deepcleaning

Spring Cleaning

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Classic deviled eggs, for the Thanksgiving win!!! Made these last Thanksgiving at my Aunt’s ❤️family fun snd everyone fights iver these eggs!

Boiled Eggs
 • Mayo
 • Mustard
 • Paprika
 • Salt

Plastic bag for piping


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My teen trying to butter me up... sounds about right!

Mom humor

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Mold by @nycake 😍  #hotcocoa #hotchocolatebomb #hotchocolatebombs #pumpkinseason #hotcocoabombs #summerween #falloween #fallszn Summerween, Falloween, Fall Season, Fall Szn, Hot Chocolate Bomb, Hot Cocoa Bomb, Spooky Cute, Fall Baking  Follow @sashacakeschicago
Peek a Boo Cat Pillow curated on LTK


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This pin celebrates our exclusive Christmas and Holliday templates, including candy bar templates, water bottle templates, christmas templates hershey candy bar templates, kit kat templates, kitkat templates, hershey templates, water bottle templates, and template for candy bars, and templates for hershey candy bars. They are perfect for any party, or gift ideas.
Everyone (especially older kids) love getting money for Christmas! But instead of handing them a boring check, why not get creative and do something fun and festive! Check out our 25 Festive & Fun Ways to Give Money This Christmas that are anything but boring! #christmasgifts #christmasgiftideas #creativewaystogivemoney #christmasideas
Christmas Bento box lunch fast and easy less than five minutes! I am a very busy mom millionaire and I do not have a whole lot of time to make lunch but I do want to always make something fun to make my daughter smile and give her something nutritional to eat! And yes, I make her lunch every single day! For more of my fun ideas

Check out my BOSS MOM DIY blog for more bento box lunch ideas! Go to www.januaryember.com 
 • Lunches in under three minutes
 • Under $20 weekly budget lunch ideas
 • Best bento box lunch boxes
 • Top tools for making fast crustless sandwiches

Check out my Blog posts for links to my favorite Bento Box Tools, Grab and Go Lunch items for fast ways lunches and more!


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Newborn Sleep DIY Guide for 0-4 Months — Sleep and the City
Best Sleep Sacks - Behind the Classroom

Sleep Training

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Shop this post through the link in my blog! Gift Guide for Little Girls| Gifts for 5 year old Girls | Gifts for 6 year old Girls| | Gifts for 4 year old Girls | | Gifts for 3 year old Girls| | Gifts for 7 year old Girls | Dollhouse for little girls | American Girl Doll Accessories and Furniture | Christmas Gifts for Girls | Birthday Gifts for Girls | Baby Doll Accessories | Girls Gift Ideas


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This furniture shaver works great getting those fuzzies off your couch and its under $13! #amazonmusthaves #amazonaffiliatelink  #amazondeals
EVERYONE PREPARES YOU FOR DELIVERY DAY, not much is spoken about the days that follow. Here’s some of what you can expect! | Postpartum Recovery | #loveliliya

Mom Hacks

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What to wear over 60

Baking with kids

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Are you ready to learn those important exercise tips for pregnancy? Learn more here.. 4 health and wellness benefits to exercise in pregnancy, plus ways to stay motivated and the do's and don'ts of exercising while pregnant. #pregnancy #pregnancyexercise #exerciseinpregnancy
H&M SALE on workout and athletic clothes

Yoga pants
Women’s leggings
Women’s workout apparel
Are you struggling to create a workout routine? Do you start exercising, but then give up when it doesn't go as planned? Whether you're a stay at home mom or working mom, you'll benefit from this post! Learn how I created a fitness/exercise routine that I've maintained for over two years, and has me working out 3-5 times a week! This can also be viewed as an "exercise for beginners" manual. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, if you are a busy mom and want to start a workout routine, or keep your exercise schedule consistent, you'll find great tips and nuggets to help you along.

Health and Fitness

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Best First Foods for Babies - Behind the Classroom
6 Vegan Crock-Pot Freezer Meals for Under $45 (Prep for Postpartum!) - The Friendly Fig
This easy and delicious Kale soup is perfect for a cold Winter day or a quick dinner. via @lovealwayscatherine

Easy Family Meals

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This is pin is all about how to get your kids to love to read and more like, how kids love reading, how to get kids to love to read, how to get kids to love reading, how to get my child to love reading, how to get my child to love to read, help with kids reading, help with kids love of reading, get kids to enjoy reading, kids enjoy books, kids enjoy reading, how to kids reading, get kids to love reading, get child to love reading, get my kids to love reading, kids choose reading over screen time

Children & Technology

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EVERYONE PREPARES YOU FOR DELIVERY DAY, not much is spoken about the days that follow. Here’s some of what you can expect! | Postpartum Recovery | #loveliliya
What no one tells you about after you deliver a baby 👀 #postpartum #loveliliya

Postpartum Depression Support

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The Ultimate Summer Edit - by Kuleigh Baker
Check out this little yarn gift bundle thats’s perfect for Mother’s Day. Whether mom is a knitter or you want to knit a gift for mom, this bundle has swoonworthy yarn to make it happen.
Rylee and Cru Spring Outfits
Mommy and Me matching

Easter outfits for girls
Easter outfits for boys
Easter dresses for girls
Easter shirt for boys
Family matching
Spring family matching


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14 Ways to Slow Down & Romanticize Your Life as a SAHM
A morning routine can be your most important daily routine as a mom. It sets your day up for success, productivity, and helps you get control of your day before it become chaotic. You can use these 8 tips to create your dream Morning Routine do set your day up for success.
Looking for stay-at-home mom advice? Read this post to find out the top 8 tips on how to stay sane as a stay-at-home mom! sahms, mom tips, mom advice, how to be happy as a stay-at-home mom, habits of a happy stay-at-home mom


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Postpartum Must-Haves - Behind the Classroom
#postpartum must have's for all mama's #postpartumrecovery #postpartumsupport #postpartumdoula #birth #babies #birthprep #postpartumprep #fourthtrimester #babyregistry
Discover helpful eductional resources and information for pregnant and postpartum moms #momlife #pregnancyjourney #newmom #motherhood #selfcare


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Overwhelmed by all the podcast tips and tricks out there? Here's how to start a podcast SIMPLY, nearly for free, and DIY. So you can skip the fluff and get your amazing ideas out into the world!
livingwithamanda on May 16, 2024: "⭐️ As the old saying goes, the days are long, but the years are short. My princess is 7! ⭐️ Thank you to my amazing vendors for...".

Blogging + Social Media

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13 Breastfeeding Must Haves - Behind the Classroom
Self-care is essential for everyone, including breastfeeding moms. This new blog post gives great insight on how to nurture yourself while nurturing your baby. Positive outcomes for both mama and baby.   #breastfeeding #selfcarewhilebreastfeeding #baby #breastfeedingselfcare
40+ Breastfeeding/Post-Partum Snacks (No Heat Required) - LoveLiliya

Breastfeeding and Pumping

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There is a myth being spread online that ALL cosmetics and skincare products from the EU are cruelty free. Nothing could be further from the truth. Foreign companies sold in the US like Cerave, Loreal, etc have NEVER been cruelty-free and certainly are not now.
Letter to my Stretch Marks - Behind the Classroom
Ten tips on how to save money on skincare. Do you know all ten money saving tips? Saving money on skincare.


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100 Feminine Baby Names That Are Not Overused - The Friendly Fig
100+ Baby Names for Book Lovers - The Friendly Fig
Wrap your little one in warmth and love with this exquisite hand-knit baby blanket. Crafted with care and attention to detail, each stitch tells a story of comfort and coziness. Made from the softest, most gentle yarn, this blanket is perfect for keeping your precious bundle snug and secure.  Wheth


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