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Mental Illness Associated With Shorter Lifespan More Than Heavy Smoking | Those with bipolar disorder have an average lifespan reduction of 9-20 years; Schizophrenia 10-20 years; depression 7-11; & drugs & alcohol abuse 9-24 years. Reasons could include high-risk behaviours, such as alcohol & drug abuse, smoking, suicide, & poorer treatment for physical health problems when they do see a doctor, due to stigma around mental illness.

There are many types of anxiety disorders, like generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder and specific phobias. How to get rid of anxiety fast.

Used Magazine Issue 2   Photography: Sarah Piantadosi, Fashion Editor: Ellie May Brown

USED magazine. Brainchild of the London based creative agency Useful , (known for their art direction and editorial design of the Topshop 214 Magazine), USED is a new bi-annual publication focusing on the interaction between fashion and art. The first iss

Some experiments with a flatbed scanner with @Helene Potet Potet Potet Chataigner

Some experiments with a flatbed scanner with Potet Potet Chataigner Glitch experimental photography poster