Wetekia Ruruku Elkington, a Maori woman, taken around 1900. Some of her story at the link

Wetekia Ruruku Elkington, an Austronesian Maori woman from New Zealand, taken around Some of her story at the link.

Maori Art + Design - Kura Gallery - Auckland & Wellington NZ » Shane Hansen

'Te Kopara Topa' by Shane Hansen Maori Art Design New Zealand

NZ Maori Weaving panels (kowhaiwhai)

Adele Jackson These are Maori weaving patterns called Taniko for incorporating into flax skirts called piu piu, and into the woven panels of Maori meeting houses in New Zealand.

Jane CAMPION - Film Director, Script Writer, Producer | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Jane Campion - New Zealand film director, script writer, and producer. An amazing talent. 59 years old.

Kura Gallery Maori New Zealand Design Sam Clark Graphic Designer

Brown, black and white in pencil, coloured pencil and ink on paper. With Maori motifs. By Sam Clark NZ artist.

Maori art weaving Annabelle Buick Nga Whetu

Maori art weaving, NZ, by Annabelle Buick Nga Whetu,