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an image of the virgin mary surrounded by angels
Madonna of the Protective Mantel - Austria
an old drawing of the virgin mary and child jesus in a circle surrounded by flowers
an ornate painting with many people around it
Sidelong Glance: Photo
an ancient painting on a stone with egyptian writing
Stele of Wadjsetji and his wife, Merirtyef
Stele of Wadjsetji and his wife, Merirtyef | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
an intricately carved wooden plaque with a woman holding a bird on it's back
the coat of arms and crown on an old book
Homère, Iliade, traduction en français par Hugues Salel. Livre 1
Les premier, septième, huitième et neuvième livres de l'Iliade d'HOMERE, traduits par « SALEL ». Français 2497 | Gallica [pby]
an old drawing of jesus holding a box
an intricately carved metal door in a building
Inbetween the 2 layers of dots, there are alternating torus symbols, one kind has a flower at the center, the other has a diamond. They are interlinked. A fiery surface (or sometimes prickly) is felt on the outer surface. Inside the barrier, a lot of flows curl because they cannot penetrate, but the center has smaller higher-density flow that WILL be able to penetrate.
the coat of arms and crown are on this building
an artistic drawing with black and yellow colors
The Minoans: Fashion
The Stream of Time: The Minoans: Fashion
an intricately designed piece of paper with gold and red designs on the bottom half
Выкройки старорусской одежды
an embroidered cloth with images of people on it
Antependium, alterbordsforhæng. Reykjahlid kirke, Island - Nationalmuseets Samlinger Online
Antependium, alterbordsforhæng. Reykjahlid kirke, Island Beskrivelse Det broderede antependium (alterbordsforhæng) er udført i Island i den specielle "refilsaumar"-teknik, og har hængt foran alterbordet i Reykjahlid Kirke i Island. Motiverne er Marias historie og Jesu fødsel. Datering: o. 1400. Tidsperiode og årstal Datering: Middelalder Optagelsestid: 1/1/1970 -23/5/2014 Fremstillingstid: - Sted Område: Island - See more at:
an ornate plate with flowers and leaves on the rim, painted in blue and white