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the door is painted white with two eyes and one keyhole on it's side
The Color Shift on Instagram: “By @objet_demarco”
an instagram page with pictures on the wall and a pink chair next to it
Best Living Room Interiors
How to Curate a Gallery Wall #luxurylivingroom
a pink chandelier hanging from a ceiling in a room with white walls and curtains
at home + lighting + chandelier | Julie de la Playa
a pink sink sitting on top of a green tiled wall
the door is painted white and has two fake eyes on it, as well as a keyhole
the door is painted white and has two fake eyes on it, as well as a keyhole
a kitchen with green appliances and potted plants in the window sill, on tiled flooring
The Vault Of The Atomic Space Age
Space Age kitchen design with early 70s lime green... predecessor to late early 70s avocado green, lol
an orange cabinet sitting in the corner of a room
An update on Stilleben kitchen !@stillebenarchitects See Some of our latest projects or visit our Showroom in Stilleben No.22 where we just finished building a brand new kitchen in one of our new colors - Limestone. Every Saturday you will find us in the kitchen ready to discuss your dreams and show you the possibilities #stillebenkitchen by #stillebenarchitects Photos by @majaflink
an unusual building with stairs leading up to the entrance and round windows on each side
Modeskaparen Pierre Cardins rosabubbliga drömpalats | Residence Magazine
PALAIS BULLES trappa exteriör
Valentino couture Valentino, Ball Gowns, Couture, Vogue, Elie Saab Couture, Catwalk, Gowns, Gown, Dream Dress
Valentino couture
an old fashioned pink rotary phone on display
Pink! Pretty baby pink telephone, old school style pay phone with a 1950s feel.
a pink heart shaped sink sitting on top of a white counter next to a mirror
heart. There's a special place in my design heart for 50s-pink bathrooms. I grew up with one.
a large pink bath tub sitting inside of a bathroom
a green brick wall that is very close to the ground
glazed green tile
green tiles #tiles #materials Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios
a green bench in front of a wall with pictures on it and an animal head mounted to the wall
maharaja green room small
Maharaja green room. Love the intensity of this green married with old photos in wooden frames.