Stephanie Phan

Stephanie Phan

take pride in what is sure to die.
Stephanie Phan
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I always forget that Sherlock has known Grahm? for a long time but John just met him last season and is like "his name is GREG!

"Sometimes this fandom kills me." Correction: ALWAYS, this fandom kills me.

Jack Whitehall trying to get Benedict to tell. It was worth a shot. The fandom appreciates the effort. This is one of the reasons I love Jack Whitehall so much as well as Benedict, of course.

Some say that they are the entrance to the soul. Your soul twinkles and shines. And I love that so much.

But we need to go deeper. We need to get to the core of what a sandwich is. We must find its carb-filled essence.

13 Times Alex Russo From “Wizards Of Waverly Place” Literally Gave No Cares

Wizards of Waverly Place quote-Why can't Disney show stuff like this any more!

I would use magic to fix or better my hearing aids. I would never use it to fix my hearing. It's a part of who I am.