Tattoo Ideas

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The astonishing methods of aptly-named tattooist Jay Freestyle, based in Amsterdam, results in spontaneous, stunning artworks, which last forever on the skin.

A new quest in classy sensuality around the shadows and light patterns eternal game. Much more than a tribute to black and white photography.

sunflower design Original painting. unique ready to frame sunflower illustration with watercolour and pen design..I LOVE THIS ITS SO BEAUTIFUL. SHOW ABBY SEE IF LIKE IT FOR HER BUTTERFLY TATT USE WHITE FOR NAME (MLH)

Since everyone is loving the other post on watercolor tattoos, let’s check out some more. Lots of delicately shaded multi-color flowers, abstract splashes of color, and some kittens and unicorns ju…

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I love birds and anything that signifies freedom.

Tattoo Ideas

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