Steel furniture

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an office with glass walls and large windows
Crittall interior partition. Steel Doors for heritage building
a white table with two chairs next to it and a large window in the background
White steel doors
White interior with stunning white steel doors
an empty room with large windows and wooden floors
White Steel Windows and Doors
Steel doors in white powder coat, crittall doors
a long black bench sitting on top of a cement floor next to a white wall
Perspective & Planes – Tack End Tables and Benches by Uhuru Design | OEN
a long table with three columns on the top and one column in the middle, against a gray background
Francesco Balzano Archives - Kolkhoze
Francesco Balzano
three different colored stools sitting next to each other
stool FORM - nortstudio contemporary design
stools FORMS
an oval table with two columns on the top and one column at the base, against a gray background
Furniture — Garnier et Linker
Furniture — Garnier et Linker
a black and white photo of a table with a vase on it next to a chair
Coffee Table 02032
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a small table with a rock on it and a white surface in front of it
Ello | The Creators Network
Primitive physics Jeonghwa Seo - rachelmauricio | ello
a wooden table sitting on top of a white floor
a table that has some kind of metal structure on it's side, with one section folded open
Sala de prensa - undefined
ANGLE, la mesa ultra-contemporánea de CALMA | Mueble de España
a chair sitting in front of a sliding glass door
A Crisp Vision – Mr.P Studio by Ritz & Ghougassian
Accentuating a reprising rhythm in the space, custom furniture is dotted throughout, becoming a binding agent between the shell and the philosophies of space making and acts as the conduit between the people and architecture. Projector screens are then used to add moving or still images within the central volume, interchangeable at any time. #customfurniture #officedesign #simpledesign #officeinteriors #workplace #office #workspace #interiordesign