Saltine Crackers

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there is a jar of maple oyster crackers next to the bowl on the table
Sriracha Maple Oyster Crackers - The Cookie Rookie
sriracha and maple oyster crackers!!!! these are so addicting. watch out!
a pile of crackers sitting on top of a table
My First Catered Party and A Spooktacular Halloween Cake
Lick The Bowl Good: Search results for Spicy saltine crackers
some crackers that are sitting on top of a piece of parchment paper next to a box of peanut butter
Cracker Toffee - 5 easy ingredients...saltine crackers, butter, brown sugar, semisweet chocolate chips and chopped pecans.
some crackers are on a blue plate
{Easy} Spicy Ranch Crackers
{Easy} Spicy Ranch Crackers are totally addicting and use only 4 ingredients! |
closeup of cheesy crackers piled on top of each other
Camping crackers. Recipe - 2 sleeves saltines 1 cup canola oil 1/2 packet Ranch dressing 1/4 packet Fiesta Ranch 1 gal ziplock Put all ingredients in gallon ziplock. Start flipping bag to mix and coat crackers. Keep flipping every 10 minutes or so until all oil is absorbed. Crackers won't get soggy and keep for several days. Enjoy!
small pieces of fried food in a glass bowl
Homemade Cheez Its | cooking ala mel
close up view of sliced and seasoned food items
These put the crack in crackers!
Pimped out saltines. OMgoodness, I have been looking for this recipe since my sons bus driver gave us some as a gift for Christmas. So addicting!! Thank you, Julie!!:0)
some crackers are sitting on a plate next to a jar of liquid
Spicy Saltine Cracker Recipe
Spicy Saltine Cracker Recipe
some crackers are in a white bowl on a table
Garlic Flavored Saltine Crackers Recipe | Yummly
Garlic Flavored Saltine Crackers Recipe
three crackers on a white plate sitting on a table
Fire Crackers Recipe -
My mom makes these at the holidays and they are INCREDIBLE! Fire Crackers ~ 1 lb unsalted Saltine Crackers, cup Canola Oil, Ranch Dressing Mix, Red Pepper Flakes, Garlic Powder. Once you start munching you just can't stop!!
crackers are arranged on a blue platter, ready to be served or eaten
Ranch Mix Saltine Crackers
Ranch Mix Saltine Crackers Used to make these all the time, kind of salty great flavor! Kick up the healthy by using olive oil and less of it. Its just to stick the dressing mix to the crackers.