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an image of the words in different languages
Maori phrases I might actually use :)
an abstract black and white drawing with lots of different things in the background, including shapes
Gabriele Müller - Kalligraphie | Schrift | Schriftgestaltung | Lettering - Doodles - Velbert, NRW
Doodle, pattern, drawing, zentangle, postcard
a man carrying a computer on his back with the words taking control above it and below him
Artist Turns Everyday Sayings Into Clever Pun Illustrations
a colorful paper bird sitting on top of a white card
Ideas for Paper Quilling Art Designs by Angelica Botero
This beautiful work of paper quilling art will impress your friends to the fullest. This paper quilled humming bird is cute and wonderful. The colors chosen are giving it a bright and natural impact. Your selection of colors matters a lot in paper quilling and enhances the beauty of the filigree.
four metal cats sitting on top of a white wall next to each other, one is orange and the other is black
Amazing quilled cats I believe by Stacey Bettencourt
a colorful paper sculpture with an intricate design on it
This artwork of paper quilling is transform from line art. We found this artwork from pinterest we didn't know the original artist of line…
an image of a book with the words agamograph printed on it's cover
Simple Craft Idea: Bubble Wrap Rug
Simple Craft Idea: Bubble Wrap Rug
how to make an origami dinosaur with pictures and instructions for making it in paper
Conversations from the Classroom: Easy But EXCITING Bulletin Boards for the Busy Teacher!
Need a cool bulletin board idea? I have one. One word: Agamographs. They’re fun to make, even more fun to interact with, and they make AWESOME bulletin board materials.
a young boy holding up a drawing of himself in front of him with glasses on
Heather Galler Self-Portraits
Fourth graders made these neat Heather Galler self-portraits . We learned about Etsy , a website were artists can sell their artwork ...
a painting of a man wearing glasses and a scarf
middle school and the [self] portrait
The [Secret] Life of an [Art] Teacher: middle school and the [self] portrait