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@st0psarah @attackonfranada lol, remember the time when we were all trapped in Sarah's bathroom

SCORPIO OML, i love how cancer and pisces end up cuddeling, i would do that, definitly. or put up some candles to read a book.

'Is the tornado'.... yeah, probably

I am Gemini and I chase the tornado. he's Aquarius he's the tornado.


As a Capricorn (with Scorpio traits), I've seen some of the world and it's changed me. It saddens me that so many other people my age haven't seen things like that or even understand how some of the world lives.

Tru who knows what I do... Last night I was dancing in my living room since everyone was asleep and I felt like it.

Leo and im sleeping or doing I don't even know (probably watching anime though)