Acorns - creating your own thickening agent - gluten free!

So, we have made acorn flour. After the final 'leaching of the tannins' process, we had this amazing liquid that we thought we would boil down to see what we.

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly at the house of the Butterfly Lady

watch as this glorious creature feeds and enjoys the garden of New Zealand's 'Butterfly Lady' Karyn Janelle Davis (aka Papakan'je) connect with Karyn at http.

The Love Call of Black Swans

The mature swans have shown off a little for the camera!

Adult black swans calling

what a beautiful display we are treated to every day!

Harvesting 'Tribbles'

Harvesting 'Tribbles'

Baby Indian Runner Duck hatching - stage two

Three hours into the hatch and we can see the baby Indian Runner fighting to get out. It is so tempting to help, but it is best to let them do this on their .

Baby Indian Runner Duck hatching - stage one

Baby Indian Runner Duck hatching - stage one

Duck massage time

the babies get their evening therapy before flying off to sleepyland :)