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Great use of text wrapping. Imagery and art well positioned. Good use of space and color palette.


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RIKA-MAG Magazine Covers You Wish You Designed


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an elegant fashion flyer with two women in black and gold colors, one is holding the other
Free Elegant Fashion Flyer Template | Dribbble Graphics
the fashion flyer is designed to look like it has an image of a woman with sunglasses on
Fashion Collection Flyer Template PSD, AI
Fashion Collection Flyer Template PSD, AI - Download
a woman in white is posing with her hands on her hips and the caption says, show - stopping boots at unbeatable prices
Women's White Boots | DSW
a black and white striped circle on a white background
DAILY MINIMAL - #JA16-467 A new geometric design every day Buy my...
a man with dreadlocks on his head is shown in this ad for the new york times
The Year’s Best Magazine Design
The Year’s Best Magazine Design
a woman with her eyes closed and the words graphic design above it are black and white
Wie man ein Magazine Cover erstellt | Hermine on walk
Liebst du tolle Magazine Cover und wolltest schon immer mal dein Eigenes designen ? In diesem Post erkläre ich dir wie du das in 5 Schritten ganz einfach realisieren kannst. Ich wünsch dir viel Spaß beim Nachmachen! Graphic Design | Editorial | Zeitschriften Cover | Hermine on walk
a magazine cover with a woman's face and hands on her chin, in front of a pink background
Rika Magazine S/S 15 Covers (Rika Magazine)
Rika Magazine S/S 15 Covers (Rika Magazine)
a magazine cover with an image of a woman's face and the words rika magazine
Outlining a strong portrait with an echo of the facial elements emphasizes the strong lines of the photograph. A concept to try, in addition, the bordered stroke counters the simple photo nicely leading the eye to the type.
two women in white dresses standing on the deck of a boat with text that reads stunning photos in one click
South Beach Lightroom Presets by Wilde Presets, Mobile Presets, Desktop Presets, Photo Filters
Create the dreamiest photo edits with The South Beach Preset Collection. Inspired by those soft, dreamy Instagram feeds! Shift into softer, dreamier, beach tones with just a click! #lightroompresets #presets #dreamypresets #instagramtheme #bloggerpresets #travelpresets #mobilepresets #instagraminfluencer #brightpresets #lifestylepresets #photofilters #dreamypresets #prettypresets #softpreset #tropicalpreset #pastel #pastelpreset #prettypresets #pastelpresets #pasteltheme #pastelfilters #pastel
a magazine cover with an image of a woman
RIKA-MAG Magazine Covers You Wish You Designed
a woman wearing sunglasses with the words effect in front of her and an orange background
fashion Poster Design Illustration Layout
fashion Poster Design Illustration Layout Abstract Vintage Advertising Ideas Minimalist Vogue Wall Typography Photography Modern Graphics Creative Summer Luxury Decor Inspiration Old Art Black And White Elegant 2020 Street High Bedroom Kids Magazine Simple Women Clothes Collage Fast Sale Background Korean Drawing Sustainable Winter Shoes Banner Retro Landscape Fall Dior Printable Chinese Christmas Event Photoshop Japanese Gucci Product Brand Flower Autumn Girl Hijab Chanel Vector Male Sport
an advertisement for the green fair in germany
Plakat GREEN FAIR, bungalow kreativbüro, Mai 2017. Poster design for GREEN FAIR Würzburg. The Poster art is showing different parts of sustainable life as objects. Auf der Messe gab es über Bücher, Smoothies und nachhaltigen Produkten viele Informationsstände. bungalows loves graphic design, layouts, artworks and further more.