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a large metal object on top of a brown cloth covered floor with the words batha hax com br
Chinese art of Asian fire
an animal paw print on the side of a car tire with it's front grill missing
KingKnivesStore - Etsy
a knife that is on top of a metal object with flames in the middle of it
Skull Knuckle Knife
Guns, Weapons, Arsenal Fc, Cool Blades, Бмв X6, Knife Aesthetic
a knife that is laying on the ground next to a brick wall with blood dripping from it
an open case with knives and knives in it
Are you tired of getting stabbed in the back? Well, no more!
This armor protects you from stabbing and provides impact protection from machetes, meat cleavers, and every other pointy object. It is made from a high-performance carbon fiber composite.
four different types of black leather garbs on a white background, one with metal rivets and the other without
an image of a cartoon character holding a giant piece of wood with the words mallet of ogre magi on it
[OC] Mallet of Ogre Magi
a person holding a small metal object in their hand with the word dragon on it
Blade City: Pocket Knives, Swords, Switchblades For Sale