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We are Danelle and Hook, and we are A Couple Of Night Owls. We are Melbourne wedding photographers and frequency wranglers, available world-wide for wedding, engagement and portrait shoots.

I know I'm not alone in this but whenever I'm not allowed something, it's all I can think about. My wedding is in exactly four months (Oh my goodness) and two weeks ago, I joined a very specialised gym and it came with a meal plan that is just no fun.

Have a relative who can’t make it? Create unique signage for your wedding photos so you can send them a special, heartfelt message from your special day. Even if they couldn’t attend, they’ll feel like they were still a special part of your day.

Valentine's Day is rather close and I know that you, guys, have already started preparations. I'd like to share super cool Valentine-themed cakes, which are suitable for Valentine weddings and just for your celebration. What will look great on such a day?

I like the dahlias and the freesias and the roses! I don't like the other "spidery" looking flower. I can't remember what those are called... And of course, not yellow flowers, but I like the dahlias and freesias.

Hanging ladder to display baskets. I don't know if I love this just because the picnic basket reminds me of the one from my childhood but whatever! I think it looks great. Cakes,Cakes & more,cupcakes an cookie

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