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two people sitting on bean bag chairs reading books in a library with their backs turned to the floor
Médiathèque François Villon, Bourg-la-Reine, Franceçois-villon?utm_source=Newsletter de BC Intérieur
two pictures with people sitting at tables in the middle
A University Installed This Table To Increase Interactions Among Students
Menéndez and Gamonal Arquitectos have designed large meeting/gathering table inspired by an artists palette, for the Classroom Building in the Milan Campus at Oviedo University in Asturias, Spain.
two people sitting on couches in an office with a dog laying next to them
Heavybit Industries - San Francisco Offices | Office Snapshots
Heavybit Industries – San Francisco Offices
a room filled with lots of wooden stairs and colorful pillows on the top of them
EMO and The Real Adventure offices by The Interiors Group, Bristol
an outdoor seating area in the middle of a park with steps and trees around it
Outdoor classroom
Outdoor classroom- not a fan of the cement, but like the built in seating
several oranges are lined up on the table in front of each other at a restaurant
Simply Kinder Home - Simply Kinder
seating that allows for movement, pic only
an office cubicle with green curtains and pillows on the floor next to filing cabinets
A gorgeous reading nook from a first grade teacher in Kansas…
an empty classroom with desks, chairs and lights hanging from the ceiling in front of blackboard
This room has it all. Lamps and rope lights, open feel, non-patterned furniture arrangement, stations or distinct areas. I love how inviting this feels.
a classroom with lots of colorful furniture and decorations on the walls, including pink pom - poms
A fourth grade classroom. I love the seats with pillow top and storage underneath. So many great ideas in the picture. Sadly, no link to give more info.
an empty classroom with chairs, desks, and other items on the floor in it
Classroom Makeover
Classroom Simple: Classroom Makeover Love the peacefulness of the colors.
an empty classroom with desks, chairs and bookshelves on the wall in front of them
Alternative Seating in My Classroom
Sharp in Second: Alternative Seating in My Classroom
an empty classroom with chairs, tables and rugs on the floor in front of them
Mid-year Update: Alternative Seating
This is the best classroom set up I have ever seen in my life!!!!! Setting Up for Second: Alternative Seating
classroom eye candy the learning lounge
Classroom Eye Candy 2: The Learning Lounge | Cult of Pedagogy
Beautiful Classroom Design! Check out this student-friendly space with flexible seating, learning centers, and lots of options for collaborative and student-led learning. Tons of pictures in the post!
a room filled with lots of art and crafts
Marla McLean, Atelierista » Some of the Ordinary Things
books| sketch books | light | blocks | snow globes | life | beauty | inspiration | place
an empty restaurant with checkered flooring and wooden tables, chairs, and potted plants
Furniture arrangement encourages group work, while creating a number of separate spaces for children to move about in. Color and plants are make children aware of how their bodies move in the classroom and the need to take care of the life and materials in their space.