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an apartment building with stairs leading up to the second floor
Container Homes • Shipping Container Housing Solutions
#Container_Units are Easy to Construct! - It is extremely easy to execute a shipping #container_home design. All you need is a back yard and various ideas and you can end up with a great home. We can design plus easily incorporate into any #container, for instance add doors or windows, it is simple..
a white bottle with a wooden cap on it
beautiful simplicity, NTGJ.
two clear bottles with blue and green caps are shown in front of a white background
Just a moment...
Norwegian Neue has designed the new visual identity for The PURE Water Company. “The PURE Water Company has a special system that utilizes the municipal water supply network providing drinking water of the highest quality. After having existed for twelve years they wanted to revitalize their visual identity and make it uniform with their product.”
a bottle of liquid sitting on top of a table - This website is for sale! - graficologica Resources and Information.
a bottle of rokinar whisky on a white background
ROKNAR 100 RYE WHISKEY - Far North Spirits
Roknar — Far North Spirits designed by Jenney Stevens #drinklocal #craftspirits #ryewhiskey
a bottle of john the whale cologne on a white background
50 Vodka Packaging Designs You Would Love To Have
50 Vodka Packaging Designs You Would Love To Have in Your Bar -
two empty water bottles sitting next to each other on a white surface, one with a corked top
Tap Water™
Racquel Youtzy of Toronto, Canada designed the Tap Water™ bottle in response to the growing demand for safe refillable water bottles
two water bottles with corks on the top and bottom, one is clear while the other is black
PURO Premium Water
PURO Premium Water on Behance
two clear bottles with blue and green caps are shown in front of a white background
Lovely Package - Creative Packaging Design Inspiration
i love these simple water bottle designs with the bright stoppers by the PURE Water Company
a bottle of water on a white background with the word go written in silver lettering
Suppliers of Great Taste
gleneagles water
a glass bottle filled with water on top of a white surface
ZEO - This new premium non-alcoholic beverage blurs the line between the traditional looks of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage designs.
a bottle of niigara water on a white background with no one around it
Bouteille d'eau minérale : Nigara. Packaging crée par Hattomonkey
rasp berry jam in a glass jar on a white background with the words rasp berry jam
Jam packaging
simple packaging from London Studio for Family Jam Kitchen