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In "Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl", Anastasia uses her many Owls as her #affirmations in reinforcing #selfesteem and #selfworth. Start and end each day with an affirmation! e-Book available on any smartphone, iPad, or computer at the Apple Bookstore or www.ghostlyowl.com!~ 👻 🦉
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37 Uplifting Words of Encouragement for Your Beloved Daughter
Empower your daughter with heartfelt words of love and respect. Discover 37 messages of love and support to inspire your daughter to be her best self. Perfect for parents looking to boost their daughter's confidence and bring more joy to her life. This inforgaphic features 10 messages of encouragement. See the full post for 27 more. Empowering Daughters | Parenting With Love | Words Of Encouragement | Uplifting Words | Message of Love for a Daughter | Parenting | Encouraging Words
a man with long hair and a quote on it that says, the problem with today's world is that everyone belongs to excess
Brian Cox on opinions
Brian Cox quote about opinions. I love that guy.
an old car in the garage with dirt on it and text that reads, i don't know what to do
Exactly!!!! Thing is Now is if people would really take this story to heart n realize that’s the way you need to go about your life, when it comes to others being apart of you.
a sign that says five four things you can't recover the story after it's said
a man walking down a road with a quote on it that says,'maturty is learning to walk away from people and situations that threatened your peace of mind, self - respect,
The one thing I regret is not walking away before I got too wrapped up in a place that could care less about me. But I'm omw to better things now :)