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a purple flower with a bible verse on it's center and the words, the fear
☆☆Anemone's are so beautiful, as are so many things from under the sea. Thanks to modern technology we can now share their beauty☆☆
an orange feather floating in the air next to a black background with light coming from it
Science Musings Blog
Marrus orthocanna (It lives in the Arctic and other cold, deep waters, swimming independently in mid-ocean)
a blue sea horse swimming in an aquarium
Awesome Animals blog
Awesome Animals: Sea Life, love sea horses, solo cute one of my favorites creatures in the waters
a jellyfish swimming in an aquarium with blue water
Egypt Fotografías e imágenes de stock
A jellyfish in the Red Sea. I should split off a jellyfish board.
an image of a jellyfish in the dark under water blojjim
The Top Bioluminescent Adventures in the Caribbean - The AdvenTourist
Bioluminescent-Squid, Caribbean glowing squid (can be seen during guided night dives)
some very pretty jellyfish in the water
24 hours in pictures
Art in Nature
an underwater scene with colorful corals and sea anemones
051 - Wild Anemone
Anemone - ©/cc Neville Wootton (Wodgie) - www.flickr.com/photos/nevillewootton/8543173712/in/set-72157632957239777#
two blue and yellow striped worms are on the ground, one is in the air
Striped eels
Striped eels #TortugaFest//www.tortugamusicfestival.com
a bright pink and orange crab with long legs sitting on mossy ground next to rocks
Purple reef lobster on Dump A Day Amazing Marine Life Photographs - 30 Pics
an underwater view of a colorful object in the water
On life and time.
Spanish Dancer Sea Slug More
an orange, yellow and blue fish is swimming in the water near some corals
Yeti Chaos
De agua salada, mi pez favorito. Increíbles esos colores, su forma. Podría estar horas mirándolos. Desde niño he querido una pescera, algún día, con mis peces favoritos. / Tang Fish
a jellyfish floating in the water at night
The Journey More
a close up of a crab on anemone
Porcelain Crab
(Porcelain Crab) sea life, animals, ocean, ocean life, aquatic animals, marine biology, water, under water life #sealife #marine
a yellow fish with black spots swimming in the water near some rocks and corals
019_adj_DSC0354 aptly named boxfish
I've never seen one of these before!
blue and green sea anemones in the water
Vintage Rose Garden
{Blue} Clams #ISawYouSawWeSawWarsaw #OPIEuroCentrale