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there are many different images of confetti on the table and one has a toothpick in it
Confetti Cake Toppers - Aunt Peaches
a stack of granola bites sitting on top of each other next to cherries
Florentines Biscuits
Crunchy and sweet, these Florentines Biscuits are a favourite classic cookie. These delightful almond cookies are filled with dried fruit and a simple caramel, and are baked until baked until golden and crisp. They're often made for edible gifts at Christmas. #sugarsaltmagic #florentines #florentinesrecipe #cookies #christmascookies
an image of a pie with strawberries in the middle and other ingredients around it
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apple slab pie with a delicious funfetti sprinkle pie crust Birthday Pie, Pie Birthday, Nature Cake, Pie Art, Apple Slab Pie, Pie Baking, Pastel Cupcakes, Slab Pie, Instagram Birthday
apple slab pie : birthday edition - moments of sugar
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a person is holding up some food on a white plate with strawberries in the background
Strawberry Love Notes Are The Sweetest Treat To Give Your Valentine
four pastries sitting on top of a pan next to a knife
Pork and apple sausage rolls | Pork recipes | Jamie magazine recipes