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an image of a bird that is looking at the camera with its eyes wide open
a monkey sitting on top of a tree branch next to a quote about not my circus, not my monkeys
Living with anxiety #domesticabuse #stalking #bullies #narcassism #narcassisticabuse #anxiety #staystrong #fightback #coercivecontrol #stress #narcassist
a painting of a rooster with the words scream to start their day
an orangutan with the caption, my coffee looked at me this morning and told me, sorry, i don't do mirages
an image of jesus speaking to the people in front of him with speech bubbles above them
15 Memes That Your Grandma Has Probably Sent To You
a man working on a car that is upside down
an old man holding a cup in his hand and wearing a sailor's hat
Tip of the day
an older man holding up a metal object with the caption fixed is fixed, it doesn't matter if its duct tape or rip - ties
Collection of Science Jokes P2
a man with no shirt in the kitchen
Who wants to look older... - Savage
Who wants to look older...