Simon Gault Polenta Gift set $25.30 NZD A pleasant gift box for a splendid Italian experience. 1 x 300gr Italian Polenta Mix (Ready to use italian Polenta Mixture with easy to follow instructions) 1 x 100ml White truffle balsamusse

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Simon Gault Exclusive Gift Hamper $109.25 NZD A nicely packaged Hamper containing international products exclusivley selected and used by Simon Gault. This hamper contains; 1 x 100ml Balsamusse 1 x 100gr Spanish Serrano Jamon 1 x 60gr Italian Proscuitto di Parma 1 x 100gr Simon Gault Italian Herb Rub 1 x 70gr Spanish smoked Paprika 1 x 200gr Spanish Manchego Cheese 1 x 250gr (appr) Italian Parmigiano Reggiano 1 x 1kg Italian Arborio Rice 1 x 430gr Italian White Asparagus

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Italian Balsamic Library - SPECIAL $$ 10 x 100mls Was $300.15 NZD NOW $149.99 NZD Flavours Include: White Balsamic, Apple Balsamic, Raspberry Balsamic, Fig Balsamic, Cooked Wine Vino Cotto Balsamic, Lemon Balsamic, Orange Balsamic, Emillian Dressing Solera 12, Emillian Dressing Solera 50, Emillian Dressing 100.(SOLERA: Measurement of Maturity of the Balsamic- 100 being the Maximum).

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A balsamic so exquisite, each bottle is labelled with it's own serial number The grape must, slowly cooked over an open fire in open containers, becomes so concentrated that it is reduced to one third of its initial volume. Afterwards, while resting in barrels in attics in homes, it endures the heat of summers and the rigors of winters. The barrels come in series of decreasing sizes and are constructed of various woods: Oak, Mulberry, Chestnut, Cherry and sometimes Juniper. $149.99 NZD

In Simon Gault Homemade, the New Zealand MasterChef judge and award-winning restaurateur shares more than 80 easy-to-master dishes for a host of occasions, from casual family dinners to special celebrations and also offers eight sample dinner menus for headache free entertaining. $60.00 NZD

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