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Day of the Dead Tattoos involves inscribing the names of the dead. Sometimes the tattoos can be very scary, have a look into these day of the day tattoos.

sugar skull (dia de los muertos) symbolizing strength and power, death and rebirth. marigolds are thought to guide souls...Love this! I would get it about the size of a dollar bill.

Large tote bag with Day of the Dead embroidered design. Our handy tote comes in a rainbow of colors: chose the one you like from the last picture above. This is a tote that I purchase and add the beautiful embroidered design.

That owl is beautiful! I even like the eye balls. Lol not sure if I would want them flying though, maybe in his clams..

What a cute tattoo of an owl sitting on a branch, looking at the crescent moon. Gorgeous artistry on the depth with shading of black and grey, and bits of white highlights. The positioning is wonderful too, wrapped around the ankle.

Very cute owl designsđź’—// Love the owls. Love the wings on any bird because they remind of the angel wings I saw my father-in-law holding my husband the first time my husband came home from the hospital with his first amputation.

Thinking the head would be a lions head facing the same direction. The owl would be an elephant, and somehow incorporate lotus flower, butterfly/doves, "love"/"live and let God". Crown