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a person is making miniature pins with their fingers and thumbnails on the table
Lolipop, Lolipop...
a miniature tin with cookies in it
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a hand is pointing at a jar with red candy in it
Christmas candy jar with over 600 candies!!!
Pepsi Mini cans Diy, Draw, Cute Little Things, Eten, Fotografie
Pepsi Mini cans
there are two pictures of different food items on the table and one has chopsticks in it
Re-ment Bento #miniaturedollhouse
Re-ment Bento #miniaturedollhouse Re-ment Bento | Unlike typical dollhouse miniatures, Re-ment… | Flickr
a hand holding a miniature cake with flowers on it's top and pink nail polish
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Miniature fake naked cake with flowers and macaroons | Etsy
two wedding rings sitting in a box on someone's finger with the ring inside
Tiny Engagement Rings
an assortment of food items displayed on a wooden table with green and white cloths
Fairytale and Wizardly Glassware
The most realistic scale miniature food, created by hand and known internationally as Hummingbird Miniatures
a miniature box filled with cookies and marshmallows in it's opening
Box of LU French cookies
a miniature plate with food on it being held by a person's finger,
Miniature Food for Dolls House
a bed with curtains and pillows on top of it
a white plastic container filled with lots of items on top of a tiled floor next to a counter