Sophie Stypayhorlikson

Sophie Stypayhorlikson

Sophie Stypayhorlikson
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Liam working out today!

Liam working out today! :D to be honest I thought that wasn't Liam

But it's true

Why do the HAVE to be carrot jokes? Why can't we use them to prove we were here from the start? << These aren't even jokes from the beggining.

Master post of Harry and his banana colored shorts

Settle in, people. Until these pics get overrun by newer, hotter (I doubt that is possible but I know somehow it will happen) pictures, prepare to suffer the wrath of Shirtless Harry Playing Volleyball.

I'm feeling kind of fragile.

WHOS DIS BABY! That moment when a baby has already accomplished all of your dreams

Taylor just won and she said 'thanks to the guys who inspired this song, and i know he knows exactly who he is." and then the camera flashed to the boys for a few seconds. She is just SO mature. Psh she is so immature