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the curtains are hanging in front of the window and behind them is a white wall
7 Simple Ideas to Organize the Entryway - L' Essenziale
under the eaves in the loft instead of hard cupboard doors have lovely linen curtains on a nice metal rails
a basket filled with lots of different types of pillows
The rugs and Linen patterns with their light but having graphic patterns are truly Scandinavia
a bed with blankets, pillows and bags on it in a room that has white walls
home, interior design, house, grey, white
an oven is shown with the door open to show it's cooking area and side burners
GODSFORGE magic jewellery on Branding Served... - a grouped images picture
GODSFORGE magic jewellery on Branding Served - created via
the stairs are painted with colorful designs
Bohemian design stairs. Various designs painted on each stair.
an open door leading to a bathroom with a bench
Marrakesch und La Mamounia: Ein Mythos, zwei Legenden - Hottelling von Holedo
Der Mythos lebt: Schon der Name Marrakeschs ruft Bilder aus 1001 Nacht hervor – märchenhaft schön, geheimnisvoll, faszinierend. Seit Jahrhunderten nährt die Stadt zu Füßen des Hohen Atlas Träume un...
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a window covered in sun light
Moroccan Photos
love the round shapes involved in middle eastern design
the stairs are lit up with candles and lights on them, as well as an urn
Ooh I must have a staircase just like this, when I have a house
a bedroom with red walls and gold furniture in the corner, along with a mirror on the wall
Is this Art or a Home? <3 Love this