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Batman vs Joker & Harley Quinn by Tiago Da Trinti #SuicideSquad

Tiago Da Trinti: A bat a joker and a harley inspired on Alex ross piece. It's been a pain in the ass (literally) to draw .

You Are Who You See. I see batman and Joker....

Who do you see? Do you see the Dark Knight? Or do you see the clown prince of crime? Epic Designs brings you this fantastic Batman & Joker Ink Blot Sick. Batman decor all day in casa de Nick.

BATMAN- Harley Quinn by on @deviantART

Artist Eric Guerrero poses Harley Quinn in front of the Caped Crusader in this 18 x poster.


With it being Halloween and people dressing up as Joker, I decided to draw his different costumes worn throughout TDK: Bank Robber, Cop, Nurse, and Clown Prince of Crime. Happy Halloween Coloured p.