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Feeling dauntless?

Everyone always reads these so I suppose the only real rebels/dauntless are the ones who stop reading and are satisfied with not knowing what it says. Also, everyone would be curious to see what the next sentence is. Like the cliffhangers in fanfiction.

Tris and Four #Divergent

Tris and Tobias. What we all felt when reading Allegiant! Why did Veronica kill Tris? Fans say : Because she's mean and wants Tobias all for herself

Hahaha I always ask them this and they stutter, and ponder and then there answer is something like "This is a trick question he doesn't exist" and I wanna cry :'(

I laughed so hard at this, I watched the movie, then I read the books so I am a true fangirl<<<<<OMYGARSH Uriah! (he was my favorite character!

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