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Brent Rivera, Shawn Mendes, Carter Reynolds, Nash Grier, Matthew Espinosa😍and Cameron Dallas

nash grier and cameron dallas

Hey I'm Cam! This is my brother Nash. We're in Magcon and we're both single. Nash has a crush.

lol so true

My cousin believes Michael Clifford is my boyfriend I love my life at the moment whoever is reading this :)<<<Now if only you could get Michael to agree<<guys, he can't cheat on me


Friend: OMG I love Nash Dallas Me: *face palms while walking out of the room into the kitchen. Grabs knife, stabs friend* ITS NASH GRIER

Repin if u do too...

I want to be the lucky fan that at least one of the boys falls in love with or become one of their friends>>> same bruh same

Troyler are the HOTTEST couple to date. when they announced getting together my heart was complete. Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan!