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a kitchen filled with lots of wooden furniture and plants hanging from the ceiling above it
Heading to New Mexico? Rent the Vintage-Furnished Ranch of a Beloved LA Fashion Designer - Sight Unseen
two dogs are laying on the floor in front of a table and chairs with people sitting at it
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an open patio with potted plants in front of the door and shelves on the wall
The Perfect Garden Home You’ve Been Dreaming of All Year
a bathroom with wooden floors and a round mirror
This brutalist-inspired home on the French Riviera is actually three stellar apartments
In the guest bathroom, sconces by Kelly Wearstler were included. Both the basin in travertine stone with oak bronze effect cupboards and the bath were made to measure. The faucet is from the Watermark Collection. #bathrooms #guestbathrooms #bathroominspo #design #architecture #minimalist #wood #arches #mirror #stools #bronze #cupboards #bath #baths #bathrub #faucet #sink
an old house on top of a hill surrounded by trees
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a large bed sitting in a bedroom next to a painting on the wall above it
This 500 Year Old House in the Italian Countryside Perfectly Blends History and Modernity
an outside view of a flower shop with potted plants
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flower shop
the inside of a house with lots of windows and plants on the outside side of it
a kitchen filled with lots of wooden furniture and potted plants hanging from the ceiling
Vintage Country Living: A Farmhouse Kitchen
the sun shines through an open room with bookshelves and couches in it
The coziest of reading nooks - Cozy & Comfy