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two wooden signs pointing to different locations in the woods
Halloween Lawn Ornament Directional Sign - Haunted House Cemetery Insane Asylum - Carved Cedar Wood
three halloween ornaments are hanging from a christmas tree in front of a blue sky background
LeeAnn Kress for Bethany Lowe Designs - Apple Ornament - orange
a wooden pumpkin shaped like a cat with a hat on it's head and tail
Rustic Halloween Black Cat, Rustic Pumpkins, Halloween, Fall, Farmhouse, Black Cat - Etsy
a chalkboard with brooms and broom brushes drawn on it's side, along with the words hocps pocus broom co
Hocus Pocus Broom Co. Free Printable - Halloween Art Print
a black bird sitting on top of a tombstone with the words halloween tombstone sayings
100 Tombstone Sayings For Your Halloween Yard Haunt