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the floor is covered in white and gold tiles with black dots on each one side
Creative ways in flooring
an empty hallway with wood flooring and planters on the sidelines in front of it
six different colored notebooks are lined up on a table with the same one in front of them
Nood Co Concrete and Fibonacci Stone. ❤️
a clock sitting on top of a white tiled floor next to a black and gold wall
Indus stone mosaic | New Ravenna
Indus stone mosaic | New Ravenna
a photo taken on an iphone with the caption's name and number added to it
Error | New Ravenna
Bronze in Mosaic / Indus stone water jet mosaic in tumbled Nero marquina, honed Thassos, and bronze. James Duncan for New Ravenna Mosaics
a black and white photo of a cobblestone street with no cars on it
Stone pavement by Hideaki Sakurai
Stone Pavement (by Hideaki Sakurai)
a table and chairs in a room with tile flooring on the walls, along with a marble top dining table
Why We Are Obsessed with Terrazzo Tiles | Hadley Court