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the parts of an air conditioner are labeled in this diagram, including instructions on how to fix it
17 Free Garage Woodshop Plans: Ingenious Space Savers for Garage Workshops | The Tool Crib
two work benches with tools on them sitting in front of a garage door, one being powered by an electric driller
mobile carts for my garrop
mobile carts for my garrop - by snoman @ ~ woodworking community
a roll of paper with the words kraft paper holder on it's side
Kraft Paper Holder For A Workbench (ep77)
Kraft Paper Holder For A Workbench (ep77)
a kitchen pantry with shelves, drawers and other items on the shelf in front of it
Sheet Stock Storage
woodshop storage. Good to know once we get our new place and I can set up the wood shop!
a workbench with drawers and a driller on it's side in a garage
Drill press cart
Drill Press Cart, maybe not a cart, but the drawers could be great. But maybe just pull out drawers below the cabinet.
a room filled with lots of different types of tools and equipment on the wall,
Eye Candy: 10 Drool-worthy Home Woodworking Shops
credit: mtneer_man via flicker []
a workbench with several drawers and tools on it
Router table cabinet
Router table cabinet - by nwbusa @ ~ woodworking community
an image of a room that is being worked on with woodworking equipment in it
How To Build the Ultimate Garage Workshop
a white toilet sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a window sill
Economical Dust Collection System for a Small Home Workshop
❧ Economical Dust Collection System for a Small Home Workshop
tools are laying out on top of the wooden box filled with wood shavings
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A busy workshop doesn't have to be a messy one. It may not be pristine but a little dust collection for the saw dust and chips can make a big difference. Click here to learn about dust collection and how to build your own system.
a black and yellow tool cabinet with lots of tools in it's storage area
Bolt Storage
Screw Storage Jim was just talking about his ideal fastener storage--divided bins for each type of screw/nail etc.