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an image of a person's head with the brain in it
Fatchurofi finds mindfulness influences his illustrations
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a hand holding up a stained glass piece with an eye on it and green plants in the background
an image of two eyes with tears and the words it will pass
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an orange poster with blue eyes and tears on it says new years same tears
(7) galactixy_illustrations on X: "with the text https://t.co/PPwrN6lUOz" / X
a hand holding a heart shaped object with chains around it
Meet the hilarious and charming illustrated characters created by Min Heo
a person's hand holding a star in the air
a drawing of a person's hand with lines drawn on the palm and fingers
a drawing of a woman's face with tears
two cherries in the shape of a heart with faces drawn by hand on white paper
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the sun and moon are smiling for each other's faces to be drawn on
two faces with hearts drawn on them