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three books are stacked on top of each other in front of the same book cover
Master of his craft: A brief guide to the art of Parquet Courts’ Andrew Savage
an open book with green lettering on the front and back cover, sitting on a green surface
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three different types of letters and numbers are displayed on the pages of an open book
Jost Hochuli
Presentation design ideas, Simple design layout #ppt #powerpoint #keynote #template
an open book with black and white text on the front cover, which has a circular arrow in the middle
Zech Dombrowsky Design Agentur für Design & Kommunikation
Layout Graphic Design, FPI gGmbH, Walter Dombrowsky
an open book with yellow and black text on the pages, which reads ma cha do
Machado | Salutpublic
Machado | Salutpublic
an open book with instructions and pictures on it
Article11 - Formes Vives, l'atelier
an open book with black and white typograms on the front cover, in spanish
Cassandra reçoit le « Certificat d’excellence typographique» du TDC - étapes:
the front page of an article with black and white text on it, which reads don't put me on
26 poster ideas (and templates) to create buzz for your next event
I like the slight hidden message in this. Even with this however it is still easy to read and understand. The lettering is formal and smart, as though its a news column piece of text but the clean breaks and slight movement keep it fun and interesting.
an article in the magazine with different font and numbers
This poster stood out to me because of all the texture from the different letters and text. It's mostly organized but somewhat chaotic due to the converged letters on the left, yet it seems balanced. Also , I like how the designer used the V in Univers as a spotlight.
black and white poster with different type of numbers on the front, back and sides
Typographische Monatsblätter 1962 issues
ESEMPIO FONT: Universe Mi piace il modo in cui vengono creati ed usati dei pattern con fonts e forme.
an orange and gray poster with the words university s in white letters on grey background
type specimen poster
Univers. By Adrian Frutiger in 1954. Simple and compelling. Minimal use of color. Organization of paragraph and letters.