NEW Food Store & Eatery

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bottles of drinks are lined up on a shelf
All our own drinks!
Drink in or purchase to drink at home! Great range of Barker's of Geraldine Premium Sodas. Old Fashioned Lemonade, Dry Cola, Brewed Ginger Beer and Apple and Elderflower.
many jars of food sit on the shelf in front of an employee's sign
Complimentary Condiment Table
You have purchased food from our Eatery and can head to the Complimentary Condiment Refill Station to replenish your condiments or add to the plate. It is a great way to explore things you haven't tried before and then you can purchase them in the Foodstore to use at home.
the inside of a restaurant with people sitting at tables and eating food on trays
Barker's Eatery
Thank you @photostemuka
the inside of a store filled with lots of bottles
Barker's Foodstore
In Geraldine
the bar is stocked with many different types of liquors and beverages on display in glass cases
John Badcock design
three hanging lights above a table in a restaurant with chairs and counter tops on either side
The coffee counter!
two chairs sitting at a table in front of a store with bottles on the shelves
A view from the veranda
the shelves are filled with different types of coffee cups and sauces on them,
Anathoth roles onto the shelves
the shelves are filled with different types of preserves
Barker's Foodstore takes shape
the interior of a restaurant with tables, chairs and benches lined up against the wall
Barker's Eatery
there are many chairs around the table in this restaurant
Ready for Service
the tables and chairs are all different colors
Barker's Eatery with a view
two wooden crates sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to each other with food store logos on them
Local crates made for the Foodstore
an outdoor table and chairs on a wooden floor
From the outside in!
the chairs are all different colors in the dining room, but there is no one sitting at the table
Barker's Eatery
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