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a piece of cheesecake on a white plate next to a bottle of marmalade
Tropical Mango Sauce
Sunshine on a plate! This tropical fruit lover’s dream is an injection of colour and flair to dessert platters. Diced mango brings fruity flavour as a dessert dip or is an excellent base for a mango lassi – just add yoghurt, milk and a dash of cardamom
a white bowl filled with granola and fruit next to a bottle of lemon juice
Passionfruit Lemon Sauce
Passionfruit Lemon Sauce A tropical citrus blend of goodness perfect as a topper for cheesecake, meringue or eton mess. This sauce gives colour and is stunning when topped off with a few edible flowers for a botanical dessert bloom.
churros and caramel sauce in small bowls on a white table with two spoons
Butterscotch Caramel Sauce
Crafted to delight, the sticky richness of caramelised brown sugar and golden syrup will transform date puddings and provides a perfect dip for churros and baked apples. Perfect warmed and drizzled over the finishing sweet treat for a dinner winner.
a stack of pancakes covered in raspberry sauce next to a bottle of wine
New Zealand Wildberry Sauce
Home grown New Zealand blackberries, boysenberries, blackcurrants and raspberries are combined to create a glorious mid-summer dessert garnish. The deep purple berries are a stunning addition and are an iconic kiwi classic.
someone is dipping some chocolate sauce on strawberries in a small bowl and another bottle
Sweet News: Barker's Dessert Sauces - Barker's of Geraldine
Choc Lover’s Chocolate Sauce The richness of cocoa and condensed milk creates a classic indulgent gooey sauce perfect for a traditional sundae. Also doubles as a perfect syrup base for iced or hot chocolate… don’t forget the marshmallows! This is a classic family favourite.
six bottles of different flavors of liquid
Sweet News: Barker's Dessert Sauces - Barker's of Geraldine
In our 50th year of business, we’ve created an extensive range of dessert sauces showcasing our passion for fruit as well as our love of indulgent flavours. The new range is a refreshing addition kiwi kitchens. The gluten-free range has no added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours while many flavours are vegan friendly for flexible, values-based eating.
an old wooden sign that says barber's of geralidine on it
Branding and Identity Design Agency - Forge Creative
a jar of wildberry preserver with no refried sugar on the inside,
No Refined Sugar - Barker's of Geraldine
Barker's NZ Wildberry no refined sugar preserve
there is a bottle of lemonade next to two glasses with limes on the table
Captain's G&T - Barker's of Geraldine
Captains Gin & Tonic - cocktail recipe featuring Barker's of Geraldine Lite Lime fruit syrup
two glasses filled with dessert next to a bottle
Smashed Meringue Berry Parfait - Barker's of Geraldine
Smashed Meringue & Berry Syrup Parfait Recipe - Mouth-watering - Barker's of Geraldine
a bottle of margarin and ginger vinaigrei sauce on a white background
Mandarin & Ginger Vinaigrette - Barker's of Geraldine
Barker's Mandarin and Ginger Vinaigrette
a jar of beetroot relish on a white background -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspfreshfrom Resources and Information.
Made with New Zealand beetroot, our Beetroot Relish is a huge hit with its versatile usage and full flavour.
an open jar of apricot chustarg on a white background with the label
Barkers Capsicum & Apricot Chutney | from New Zealand
The combination of rich red capsicum and succulent golden apricots makes this sweet and succulent. Description from I searched for this on
a jar of passion fruit curd on a white background
New Zealand Passinfruit Curd - 370g | Shop New Zealand
a jar of new zealand blueberry jam
New Zealand Blackcurrant Jam - Barkers - 370g | Shop New Zealand
New Zealand Blackcurrant Jam - Barkers - 370g | Shop New Zealand