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Jessica King

Wenn du mich liebst, lass mich gehen
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Flute Sheet Music: Tear In My Heart // twenty one pilots

Twenty one pilots skeleton clique Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph.  |-/ stay street stay alive power to the local dreamer

Twenty one pilots skeleton clique Tyler Joseph Josh dun

lil Marco

Lil marco Street names

exactly. I already posted one like this b4 but who cares? I can post a million of the same picture and still luv it.

"Moooom, Josh took my ukulele!" Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun Twenty One Pilots skeleton clique stay street stay alive

My mom and I have code words for when I dont want to do something with someone…

My mom would text me no if I asked. Lol, best mom ever!

Josh Dun #TØP

tyler joseph // josh dun // twenty one pilots

I love this so much

I'm literally the best person you can meet like I am so nice and great and amazing and- did you just say you don't like Sherlock? I will kick you in the face so hard the doctor will have to surgically remove my foot from your face go die i hate you.

(5) Twitter

"Obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist" ~ Guns for Hands

The Gripping saga. This is why every fan needs to stalk them on instagram, you miss out on a lot otherwise.

Josh Dun & Tyler Joseph and Mama Dun

Why on earth do I love his hair so much? He hardly has any! And look at it! It's all frayed and dead and gnarly and frizzy and dyed and damaged, but I love it so much...

Josh Dun, Twenty One Pilots