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a bag of carefresh special edition small animal food with green and pink sprinkles
Does anyone else look forward to holidays just to get Petsmart's special edition holiday begging?
a bag of carefresh granola with an image of a rabbit in the background
Carefresh colors special edition bedding, perfect for fall 🎃🐹 $7.97 at Petsmart
carefresh colors bedding for small animals with pink sand, 5 - pound bag
This is Carefresh Shavings Plus bedding. First off, wood shavings are not good for hamsters at all. Not only are they very sharp, and could irritate your hamster's feet, but could cause respiratory problems. So this bedding should never be used for any type of animal's cage. This bedding comes in two sizes: 16.2 liters, and 33.8 liters. Which runs from $6.49-10.99 (US dollars). I do not suggest using this bedding at all.
a bag of carefresh crinkles for rabbits
This is Carefresh Crinkles. Carefresh Crinkles are made out of 100% recycled paper. These are also colored with a safe, non-toxic dye. Carefresh Crinkles come in one size, and it is $8.99 (U.S. dollars) This bedding comes in three colors: crinkles, forest, and mardi gras. Carefresh Crinkles bedding is not soft at all, and it can be very hard on your pet's feet. I don't suggest getting this bedding.
carefresh advanced color control with baking soda for rabbits and other small animals, 3 - pound bag
This is Carefresh Colors bedding. Carefresh Colors bedding is made out of wood pulp. So this bedding is 100% safe for all animals. Many people ask what this bedding is colored with, and if it is safe. Carefresh Colors is colored with a safe, non-toxic dye. This bedding comes in blue, purple, pink, and green. There are even seasonal editions. This bedding comes in three sizes: 10 liters, 23 liters, and 50 liters. Which runs from $10.99-$27.19 (U.S. dollars)
a bag of carefresh natural pet bedding
This is Carefresh natural bedding. Carefresh Natural bedding is probably one of the most common types of bedding used. This bedding is 100% natural. This bedding is not the softest, but it is great for the regular areas in the cage. I don't suggest using this bedding for nesting. This bedding comes in three sizes: 14 liters, 30 liters, and 60 liters. Which runs from $7.99-$21.99. (U.S. dollars) I highly suggest using this bedding.